Hello, I am Jake Ruth

Full Stack Developer

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What I do

Frontend Development

I love programming frontends for web and mobile applications. My usual technologies for frontend development include: React, Typescript, Redux, Apollo-Client, CSS, Material UI, Bootstrap and various other frameworks/libraries. I have experience interacting with backend APIs to post, fetch, and display data in the frontend using both RESTful APIs and GraphQL APIs.

Backend Development

I'm very passionate about creating a backend to interact with frontend applications. I love seeing the entire stack come together and interact. I have experience creating both RESTful APIs as well as GraphQL APIs in NodeJS. In addition, I've used multiple types of databases for different projects such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB and Firebase. I have experience using various backend frameworks and technologies with NodeJS and Typescript such as Express, Mongoose, TypeORM, Type-GraphQL, Apollo Server, and JWT Authentication .


I have used various different services for deploying full stack applications for work as well as personal projects. I have used AWS to host full stack applications using PM2, NGINX, as well as Docker for deployment. In addition, I have used Firebase as a hosting service for some of my personal projects.

My Projects

Who I am

Passionate and Knowledge Seeking

I am extremely passionate about building full stack applications and I am constantly seeking to improve my skillset and knowledge. I graduated from University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2018 with a degree in Information Systems and have been working at Anne Arundel County as a full stack software developer since then. I have fallen in love with the field and I am always working on growing as a developer both in work as well as outside of work.

At Anne Arundel County as well as for personal projects I use Agile Methodologies to develop applications. At the county we use JIRA to allocate and keep track of tasks for specific projects.

My Projects

Personal and Work Projects